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Rush ΘΧ

Why Rush Theta Chi?
  • 2015 UCF Chapter of the Year
  • High Academic Standards
  • Amazing socials with sororities
  • Five-time Alter Award winning chapter
  • Excellent Philantropies
  • Brotherhood events
  • Leaders in SGA and all over campus
  • Great Intramural teams
  • Leadership, scholarship, excellence

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About Us


Theta Chi Brotherhood

Brotherhood is one of the most important aspects of Theta Chi and we strive to be the strongest on campus. We are a very diverse fraternity and we thrive off that to only make our Brotherhood stronger. Theta Chi offers a bond of friendship with your brothers for the rest of your life.

Every semester we have brotherhood events that include:

Social Life

Theta Chi Social Life

"Alma Mater first, and Theta Chi for Alma Mater." Even though the main reason we come to school is to get an education, a large part of our college experience involves having a good time with our friends and enjoying our short time here at UCF. Being a social fraternity, we have weekly socials with top sororities at the nicest venues Downtown Orlando has to offer.

Our Spring Formal is one of the brothers favorite events every year. With it never being in the same place, we have had it at a private island and many resorts all over Florida. At the end of the Spring semester, the Red Carnation Ball is an excellent way to relax after a work-filled semester.

Homecoming week is a great time at Theta Chi. Filled with daily activities ending with a rousing football game, who better to spend it with than one of our favorite sororities on campus. We are looking forward to this coming fall when we will celebrate homecoming with the beautiful ladies of Alpha Delta Pi.

On Campus House

Theta Chi House

Theta Chi is one of four fraternities with a house on the UCF campus. Our house is the largest fraternity house on campus with 38 brothers living in it during Fall and Spring. Being able to live on campus means classes are only a short walk away and sorority houses are right next door. Inside our house we have multiple flat screen TV's, a pool table, a ping pong table, fully loaded kitchen, grills, a large courtyard, and a great loft. Within our house at anytime of the day our brothers enjoy hanging out, studying, and socializing.


Theta Chi takes academics very seriously and it shows. Having had one of the top GPAs within Greek Life for the past several years in a row, we strive to continue and improve this trend. As brothers, we hold ourselves and each other accountable while we strive to be the best in our journey into our careers, graduate school, and future success. We have had many brothers who have taken their education to prestigious law and medical schools around the world.

Theta Chi Athletics


Theta Chi is one of UCF's most athletic fraternities with 2 to 3 teams for each IM sport. We are very competitive in all sports, so if you are looking to find competitive teams to play on then Theta Chi is the only choice!

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